About Kaiviti

Kaiviti is the creative arena for Fijian born Sunshine Coast artist Lisa Davis.  The Fijian word given to a person born in Fiji is Kaiviti; hence, the name!

Kaiviti is a celebration of art and the creative process, and is also a commemoration of spirit.  It is a place to be absorbed in and inspired by Art, and a place for everyone to acknowledge and appreciate their own creative potential.  Visit the Kaiviti Art pages to discover more about Lisa and to view the gallery of her many series of diverse artworks.

The natural world has often been a source of inspiration for Lisa’s artwork, as has the world of inner feelings and emotions.  For Lisa, the process of art making can become a way of life that opens the artist’s eye to new ways of seeing.  The creative process can be seen working through creating an artwork as parallel to creating new life situations.  The Art for Wellbeing method uses the creative process as a tool for self-healing, and as an inner-guide to creating new and better life situations.

Visit Kaiviti Art for Wellbeing to find out more about Art for Wellbeing, the Art4Wellbeing program and art workshops for community organizations, personal coaching and wellbeing facilitation through the Art for Wellbeing method, and the upcoming Art for Wellbeing book.