About Art for Wellbeing

‘Empowerment and Healing through Creativity’


What is Art for Wellbeing? Put simply, it is, as the above equation suggests, a way to achieve an increased sense of wellbeing through art making. The creative process is the focal aspect, rather than the end product. The creative process used in the Art for Wellbeing method is shown to parallel the process of creating our own lives, and can therefore be used to create a new and better life situation. Art for Wellbeing is really for anyone and everyone. However, there are two main focuses:

  1. The Art4Wellbeing Program is designed to help those who suffer from depressive disorders and offer a form of therapy in a safe and fun environment that can be used in conjunction with, or without medication; and
  2. Art for Wellbeing Facilitation & Life Coaching is intended to help people achieve the most in their lives and create new and better life situations that lead to greater personal happiness, freedom, and satisfaction.

Art for Wellbeing has grown from an arts perspective combined with a spiritual perception. Art making is seen as a way of connecting to our own spirit, our inner-guide, or higher self; that all knowing part of ourselves that has the answers we seek. It is also seen as a way of letting go of stress and of limiting self-beliefs and being in the present moment through the experience of becoming completely absorbed in the process of creation. The art making process becomes a form of meditation and release. While Art for Wellbeing theories draw on some Cognitive-Behavioural psychological theories, the basic foundation for the Art for Wellbeing methods and theories are largely influenced by Transpersonal, Experiential and Humanistic theories in psychology and art therapy, valuing each individual as uniquely talented and believing in the potential for humans to learn, grow, and transform through life. The theories of Art for Wellbeing can be compared to those in Art Therapy, and if positioned within the vast continuum of Art Therapy practice it would sit amongst the process-focused Experiential and Transpersonal Art Therapies. In Art for Wellbeing, the individual is encouraged to do their own analysis and make their own meaning of the artwork, which can be a useful tool to develop genuine self-reflection, insight and personal growth. It is believed that each individual has the capacity to be their own healer, and art making and the creative process is a wonderful way to open up new ways of seeing and believing that lead to a greater sense of wellbeing and personal life fulfilment.

The¬†Art for Wellbeing method uses colour as a form of release and expression of emotions. ¬†Artwork – ‘Love and Family’, acrylic on paper.

‘Portrait of Ninya’ by artist Lisa Davis is an emotionally charged work, painted in an expressive style, using colour to portray feelings.