Kaiviti offers a variety of Art for Wellbeing workshops that are available for community, non-government and government organisations to take advantage of. These workshops will also be scheduled at venues around the Sunshine Coast from time to time and will be advertised in the Kaiviti Art News. To keep up to date on the latest workshops being offered by Kaiviti, subscribe now to receive monthly Art News updates.

Power of Colour Workshop

3 x 2.5hr art and colour sessions designed to help people unleash their creative potential and provide a safe environment to explore feelings, emotions, and ways of coping. This workshop very much explores the inner-self through various techniques including art, colour, music and movement. There is a strong focus on colour and the spiritual aspects of art. The workshop can be conducted as one full day 7.5hr workshop or 3 x 2.5hr workshops over three separate days, and is more suited to participants fifteen years of age and over.

$97 per person* (including all materials, minimum five participants, maximum 20 participants)

Art Exploration Workshops

4 x 2hr art exploration sessions designed to help people think outside of the square and find new ways to deal with life issues through becoming aware of the process of art making and its parallel to creating new and better life situations. This workshop also helps empower people to believe in their own creative potential and move forward in life with confidence. Participants will be offered a wide variety of mediums to experiment with to individual small works on paper, and will use these to create one major artwork on stretched canvas. There is also the option to collaborate as a group to create one large artwork on canvas. Offered as one full day 8hr workshop, 2 x 4hr workshops over two days, or 4 x 2hr workshops over four days. This workshop is suitable for both adults and children aged six years and over.

$97 per person* (includes materials, minimum five participants, maximum 20 participants)

Hebel Sculpting Workshop

Full day 8hr workshop sculpting with Hebel. Starting with a block of hebel, a sort of aerated concrete that is very light, participants create a sculptural piece of their choosing with guidance from the workshop facilitator. The workshop illuminates the tactile and transformational aspects of working with sculpture, and this is mirrored back to everyday life. This workshop does require a certain level of physical ability as tools such as saws, rasps, files and chisels are used, and it is therefore more suitable for participants fifteen years of age and over. The workshop is only offered as a full-day workshop.

$127 per person (includes materials, tools provided, minimum four participants, maximum 10 participants)

Basket Weaving Workshop

A 4hr workshop using natural vines of varying sizes to craft a unique basket, with a focus on the experiential and transformative aspects of weaving with vines. It is highlighted that we have everything we need available to us to bring new creations into existence, and the creative process works through all aspects of our lives. Suitable for all ages from six years and over, although extra volunteers may be needed with groups of children under twelve.

$65 per person (includes materials, minimum five and maximum 12 participants)

Wreath Weaving Parties

A lovely idea for birthdays, hen’s parties and corporate events, book a 2 hour wreath weaving party with Kaiviti.  All ages enjoy the act of weaving wreaths using natural found materials and fresh flowers.  Artificial flowers may also be used for a longer lasting wreath.  Suitable for all ages over six years.

$35 per person** (includes materials, minimum five and maximum 20 participants)

Craft Workshops

A variety of 2hr workshop, using beads, shells, sticks, feathers, threads, glue, wire, and so on, to create such things as jewelry, Christmas tree ornaments, dream catchers, and other items that may be given as a gift or kept and treasured. This workshop simply offers an opportunity to learn, become absorbed in the act of creating, and enjoy the experience of that process. Suitable for all ages over six years.

$35 per person** (includes materials, minimum five and maximum 20 participants)

*Workshops ran over more than one day may require additional cost for venue hire if needed, depending on number of participants and particularly in the case where participant numbers are low. Where an organization provides the venue, additional charges are disregarded.

**For not-for-profit organisations wishing to offer ongoing craft workshops for four or more sessions, the investment is reduced to $150 per two-hour workshops, and some materials may need to be provided by the organisation where there are larger numbers participating.

To book a group workshop in your community, contact us today!