The Art for Wellbeing Book


Lisa is very excited about this project, currently underway and expected to be ready for release by the second half of 2017. The book explains the theories and methods of Art for Wellbeing and the development of those theories and methods. The book begins with a reflective account of Lisa’s journey that has lead to the development of Art for Wellbeing, followed by a recount of the history and origins of art therapy and a comparison of art therapy and Art for Wellbeing, their similarities and differences. The Art for Wellbeing techniques are listed in the book, and the underlying theories, influences and perspectives are explained in detail. As part of the book, Lisa is looking to conduct research within community organisations that support those with depressive disorders, to document the effectiveness of the Art4Wellbeing program. The results will be recorded in the Art for Wellbeing book, with participant identity protected. Lisa has seen the benefits with private clients, and also experienced these benefits first-hand. She is passionate about helping people overcome their depression through experiencing the healing and transformative power of art making, with the ultimate goal of increased wellbeing and positive change in all aspects of life. Any organisations that may have clients who would be ideal participants in the study are encouraged to get in contact with Kaiviti TODAY! There may be opportunities to fund the program through private fundraising in the case that organisations are interested in the program but do not have sufficient funding. The main goal is to get this program out there to those who can benefit from it – this is not a profit-making venture; rather, a way to increased wellbeing and decreased rates of suicide in the wider community. Art for Wellbeing is Lisa’s way to help those who are in vulnerable positions and make a positive difference in the world.